With our portfolio of completed projects, we look forward to assisting you in meeting your electrical energy demands, whether the driving force being for cost benefits, business continuity or environmental objectives.

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Renu Solar

Renu Solar, established in 2008, is a privately owned business and a subsidiary of the Halfway Group of Companies. Renu Solar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the renewable energy industry. We focus on delivering engineered renewable energy solutions for grid-tied and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Solutions) , across a wide range of sectors, including agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Our dedicated team of skilled engineers and installation teams, work inhouse to ensure service quality. Each project is meticulously managed by our project managers, ensuring a hands-on oversight for every step of the project execution process.


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OUR Approach

We are committed to forging lasting relationships with our clients by
demonstrating our dedication and providing ongoing support.


We believe it paramount to engage with our clients to understand their unique requirements and objectives in relation to their renewable energy solution based on their energy consumption.


Following which we will carry out a high-level site assessment and thereafter present our proposed solution for consideration.


Once our proposal meets our client’s requirement, an in-depth engineer’s site assessment will be carried out, the proposal updated and represented.


Upon acceptance of our proposal our engineering team will commence with the design of the solution and the SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation) application. Our operations team will then initiate the installation process, under the guidance of a project manager.


On completion of the installation, a service level agreement will be entered into between the parties to ensure plant maintenance and optimal performance.


Our 24-month workmanship warranty covers the installation and during this time, the plant will be monitored to ensure optimal performance, together with the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) warranties.

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We understand providing capital for a renewable energy solution is investing in the future of your business and it is of the utmost importance that the system produces as per the design parameters.

We provide reassurance regarding the system’s performance by entering into a comprehensive service agreement with our clients.

Our service level agreement includes:

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Renu Solar
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Our general question

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What warranties do you offer on solar panels and installation?

We offer a 24-month workmanship on the installation, the inverters, batteries and solar panels are as per the OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturer) warranties apply.

Does the system need to be serviced?

Yes, based on the performance of the plant and an annual check on all the equipment.

Do you clean panels?

Yes, we do offer a panel cleaning service, this can be booked by our office and scheduled for every six months or as need be.